About Gail Anderson

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Effective Negotiating and Target Marketing

 These are the secrets to success in this business. With extensive knowledge of the desert areas and a keen ability to match a buyer to the perfect home and desired desert lifestyle, I believe it’s a winning combination.

Born in Calgary Alberta and raised on a wheat farm, I’m no stranger to hard work and the knowledge that your word is your bond. I take great pride in the fact that I operate with a high degree of ethical standards, which carries through every aspect of my life both personally and professionally.  I stand by my clients and negotiate with their best interests in mind, not my own.

I have spent most of my adult life investing in Real Estate creating a personal portfolio of diverse properties, which translates into an added dimension when assisting buyers and sellers in creating their dreams.

After a successful career in business, I obtained my Real Estate license and opened a commercial management and sales company in the San Francisco Bay area where I managed office buildings in Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco, until we moved to the desert in 2004.

A diverse background in business and sales has created a level of professionalism that only experience can bring.  I can’t explain this energy level that drives me to achieving the desired result for my clients.  I have to believe it’s my love for business and the fact that every day I wake up excited about what I do.